Short and Bitter Sweet.

Blink! Blink! Blink! The cursor on my screen just blinks at me.  She is daring me me write something.  To create something that is great.  She mocks me. She knows that in this staring match I am to real opponent.  She knows that She will be there long after I blink and fold.  Damn you!

If you have not figured it out I am currently struggling with writers block.  Before you get all “Karissa you are writing this so you must be doing something !”  While this is true I have several started and half started stories and novels that live in their incomplete state on my hard drive.

What I am having issue with it that I am blocked.  Not just with my writing but in my life as well.  I have allowed outside sources to negativity effect my perception of so much in my life.  I have those who want me to fail.  I have those who want me to stay.  I have those who want me to leave.  All of these people make good points.  That is what makes it so hard.  If they had arguments that had more holes in it then really good Swiss I would be able to blow them off.

So what does that mean for the future and me?  How can work over and through this block? How can I find a way to come out on top? These are the million-dollar question. I thing that all I can do is fix a point on the horizon, put one foot in front of the other and keep moving until I get through this.  I might need some help along the way but I will get there.  I hope.

I am sorry for the short post today.  I will write more as I work through this.



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