Change and Fear

Here is another blog post about the fear of change.  Yes I know that I have covered this topic ad nausea but here I still am.  If you decide that you are sick of me going on and on about this topic please free to skip this entry.  I will not have any hurt feelings or ill will toward any of you that do so.  Thank you for at least stopping by.

On to the show as they say. So change.  As I have covered in so many posts before, it can be terrifying. Right now I am in the middle of it. So that just means that me terror level, to steal from SpinalTap, is at an 11.  I will not go into what changes are being made or about to be made in my life right now.  I will save that for another post when I am not in the middle of all the shit.  I will say that there are some very huge and life altering decisions that will cause huge changes in my life that need to be made and soon.

Why are we, as a people of this spinning blue-green rock, so afraid of change?  I think that it is because it forces us to move from a place of comfort into a place of unknown.  With the unknown comes fear of it.  Some people out there, probably many of you reading this right now, thrive in this fear.  It can be exciting.  It can be exhilarating.  It can bring greater meaning to someone’s life.  For the rest of us the unknown is a place of abject horror.  It is what keeps us up at night.  It makes us paralyzed and stuck in the place we are at.  We are almost helpless against it.

Never the less change happens.  It needs to happen.  Change means movement. Like the sharks of the great ocean, with out movement we die.  This can be both a physical as well as emotional death.  Despite this overwhelming truth, I find myself fighting against change.  I mean fighting tooth and nail against it.  I have stayed in jobs, homes, relationships and so much more because I thought the hell I knew was better then the one I did not.  The grass was not greener it was lava and one fire and poison and bad.

Right now I am facing changes that will not just affect me, but several people whom I love.  That is part of the reason why I am so cautious about making these changes.  That is why I am not running into these changes link some wild person.  I just need to temper my caution so that I do not allow it to drift into inaction.  I know that I have done this in the past and not that long ago.  Think days and weeks and not months or years ago.  This is my largest problem with facing change.  This is where I need to work the hardest.  I am trying I promise!

So what about you my most amazing readers?  How do you feel about and handle change?  Do you run headlong into it with the joy of new discovery or do you fall back out of the fear of the unknown?  Do you like how you react to change?  Is it healthy?

Thanks for reading and being part of this community!  I love you all!





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