Looking Behind to Plan Ahead

Being Pagan, our year runs from Samhain to Samhain (Nov 1 to Oct 31).  This means that I have been trying to plan out my next year.  Think of it as what most people do on or around Jan 1.  I have also taken this time for me to look back on the past year.  I wanted to reflect of what has gone on, what I have done and not done, and where I would like to make improvements.

In the past year I have:

Continued My Medical Transition

Started Estrogen

Started Progesterone

Finished Nursing School

Took The NCLEX And PASSES!!!

Started To Reconnect With Family

Found And Lost People Who Were Dear To Me At The Time

(And In Some Ways Still Are)

Faced A Crap Ton Of Crap And Still Came Out The Other Side

Found My Voice

Dealt With Major Mental Health Issue

(Still Dealing With Them TBH)

Learned That I Am Stronger Then I Thought

These are just a few of my list.  To say that this was an easy year would be a lie.  I would not change about 98% of it if I could but I have to acknowledge the truth about it.  Parts of this past year SUUUUUCCKKED!!!!  Now looking forward, I have a better idea of how to avoid those parts and how do deal with the parts I can not avoid.

I am looking at this New Year with opened eye and yet a hopeful smirk.  So far here are some of the things that I hope to do in this next year.

In this next year I will:

Write 1500 Word A Week

Finish My Novella

Become Extremely Knowledgeable In My Chosen Field Of Nursing

Do A Crap Ton More Self Care

Give Myself Permission To Not Be Perfect

Loose 50 Lbs

Become A Doula

Start BSN/MSN Program

Let’s break this list down. The first two kind of go hand in hand. I started the year with the goal that I was going to write 500 words EVERYDAY!  Great goal, but it was a bit unrealistic for me at this point.  So I decided to revise it to a more magabale task. At 1500 words a week, I would have 78,000 words by the end of the year.  That means that I would have the first draft of my novella, or even a short novel, completed.  When I brake it down like that it becomes something that I can get my head around.

Next I want to get to know my chosen filed of nursing as much as I can in this next year.  I know that I will not become a subject matter expert in ANYTHING in only a year but I can learn as much as I can.  I want to become the person that others come to when they do not know.  What can I say, I am a teacher at heart.

I will lump the next three together. I have been a good one for taking so little actual self care that you could count the times in this pact year on your hands and have enough fingers left over to…well you would have a lot of fingers that are free.  I need to allow myself the latitude to not be perfect and take care of myself at times.  This may mean something like a trip camping or even allowing myself 30 minuets to knit and listen to a podcast without feeling guilty.  I also need to get back into shape.  This is not for anyone else but me.  I conceder this part of self care as well.  I need to not feel like I am going to die by going up two flights of stairs.  As I get into shape, the weight loss will happen.  Double win!!

The last two are part of my self/professional growth.  I have wanted to become a Doula since that day in Penny’s Maternal/Child class when a doula came into talk.  Birth is a very gendered and not all that NGC (non-gender conforming) accepting/welcoming place.  This is seen in the language that is used and some of the teaching that happens.  As a trans woman and a nurse, I feel called to do my part to help change that.  This means first become a Doula so that I can help those who are NGC and others have the birth experiences that they want.  Secondly, I will go back to school to eventually become a Nurse Midwife so that I may expand my practice and help make further changes.

That is my next year in a nutshell.  I would love to hear what the next 12 months has in store for everyone of you.  PLEASE go to the Facebook Group/Page (click here to go there) and let me and everyone else know.

I hope you all have an amazing day that is as amazing I think you all are!

An as always,

Be Good, Be Well, and ALWAYS Be Kind!




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