Once More Into The Breach My Friends…

Sometimes you can not leave well enough alone. By you I really mean me. I have decided that I need to go back to school.  I can hear some of you already. “Karissa, you just got done with nursing school.  Why are you doing this to yourself again and so soon?” Well, baskets are not going to weave themselves underwater are they? Just kidding.  I am going back to get my Bachelors of Nursing Science (BSN) then my Masters in Nursing Education.

When I first start college back in 1997 (yes, I know that I am old), I wanted to teach.  I have had the joy of teaching my fellow classmates many things during my time in nursing school as well as many of my patients. There is a joy I have found in teaching. When the student gets it there is a light that goes off in their eyes.  This “ah-ha” moment is wonderful to see.

My end goal at this time is to teach in a clinical setting.  While I think that I could do actual classroom teaching, providing teaching at the bedside I feel will be more fulfilling. I am not saying that in time I will teach in the classroom, just not right away.  I say this as if I might have a choice.  Let’s be honest; I will teach where I am told as long as the check doesn’t bounce.

I have not given up my dream to work Labor and Delivery or Mental Health.  I can do both.  If I teach nursing clinical I can show my students in either of these departments how to turn the knowledge that they received from the classroom and actually us it with their patients.

I have found a school that will do the BSN completely online and is all essays based.  This means that I will not be doing any testing ever again. Yes I know that there will be tests for my certificates like BLS, ACLS, PALS etc. Let me have this one ok? I will not name the school here at this time.  I will however say that it is not Rasmussen.

I know from my family’s experiences that finding a teaching job that is full time can be rather hard. Many colleges and universities now are not giving tenure to anyone.  Why would they? Why keep a teacher/professor around forever when they can just hire adjunct teachers/professors as a fraction of the cost?  The college save’s money and is able to get rid of the instructor at any time.

I wish there was a way to show the mountain of sarcasm and distain for this practice that I am using right now.  That is one of the major downfalls if this style of communication.  I understand that the tenure system has been abused in the past.  I know that keeping an instructor indefinitely is not always the best thing. I also know that there are far to many good, scratch that, AMAZING instructors out there who are having to work several jobs to make ends meet and/or get medical insurance (I am looking at you Sis).  I digress.

I start this undertaking on January 1, 2019.  A new year, a new adventure!  If I am reading this correctly, I could be done in as little as 12 months.  This is because of the amount of credits that I am able to transfer in credits.  Wish me luck, my amazing readers.


Be Good, Be Well and Always Be Kind!




Ps: I wanted to take a quick second and say thank you to all of you reading these blogs.  This was a stupid project that I started one night because I was looking for a way to not do school work.  Over the last year I have found that this is something that I really love to do.  I love to see that people are connecting with my writing and thoughts.  While I would do this no matter how many people would read this, the fact you are out there reading helps.  OK IT IS THE GREATEST THING IN THE WORLD!!! Sorry for that.  I just had to get it out. Thank you all. Please keep checking back and always feel free to share the blog with anyone and everyone.  Please keep checking back because here is so stuff coming up that I feel is really cool.  Also, check out the Facebookpage for the blog.  Please share that too.

Thank you all so much and I love you all!!


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