Cleaning and Anxiety

Cleaning the house with anxiety can be a great and horrible thing at the same time. Anxiety is not always cowering in terror. It is your mind going so fast that you can’t even catch 1/3 of your thoughts. You see all that needs to be done and you start one thing then your mind yells at you should really be working on this other thing instead and it won’t stop yelling until you work on it. Now lather, rinse and repeat until you and a million things that are started but nothing is finished. At this point you feel so overwhelmed that all you can do is sit down and cry.

I know that people will tell me to take it one thing at a time but that is not how my mind works. I try to make lists then I end of of having a physical record of things that I have started and not finished. Yep that help. #sarcasm it is at this point that I want to either just toss everything out and go back to completely nothing or box everything up and donate it. But that turns into “ well I might need that…” I promise I am not a full blown hoarder.

So then I sit down to quick do a Facebook post and it turns into a full blown blog post. So this, if you have not noticed, is not the normal blog post where I talk about school or transitioning. Let’s be honest now, there is really no “normal” for this blog. I am ok with this fact. Surprise dear reader! I am more than those two things. Ok now that I have done this mind dump and was able to get it out of my scattered mind. Thank you all for sticking out these odd posts. I love you all!



One Reply to “Cleaning and Anxiety”

  1. Anxiety can be crippling.
    I’d ask you to do the simplest task on your list everyday, but then I don’t know what you’ve already tried.


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