Hello and Welcome

Hello and Welcome!  You have found your way to TransKarissaRN.com.  This is my little slice of the internet.  So now that you are here, you may be asking yourself, “What is this place?”  That is a good question.  Before I get into that, let me tell you about me a bit.  So…Hi!  I am Karissa but you can call me Krissie if you like.  I am a nursing student, spouse, parent, EMT and a transgender woman.  I am a simple girl.  I like the simple things.  I love the outdoors, good food, great beer and most of all my family. 

Now that you know a little about me, on to that great question.  “What is this place?”  I had been looking for a blog all over the internet that covers nursing, family, the outdoors and the issues that come with transition all in the same place.  I am one that would rather bring the light rather than curse the darkness so here we are.   If I was looking for something like this, then I must not be the only one.  It was “if you build it, they will come,” time.  So here we.  I am building it.  We will see if they come.

On to the next question. What will be covered on this blog?  The short answer is a little bit of everything.  I will cover everything from nursing student stuff and study tips to trans issues to the crap that I am dealing with in my transition.  I will be open and honest about EVERYTHING.  That is my promise to you, my soon to be faithful readers.  I will not pull any punches or tell you that it is all sunshine and rainbows when it is not.  I will take you along with on this ride of transition and becoming a RN, then BSN and all points beyond. 

So, my amazing readers, I hope that you can learn from my life.  I hope that I can bring some clarity to what is an unclear world.  If not, then I hope that I can bring a bit of humor.  So, enjoy and read on.


Karissa Anne  

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